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Book review by the Military Writer's Society of America!


Seawolf 28 – A True Story

Author:  Al Billings

Publisher: Booksurge

Reviewer: Bill McDonald – President of the MWSA

A Navy Maverick With True Grit!

Seldom do I ever read a military aviation book where I come away thinking that I would have really loved to have flown with the author of that memoir. Author Al Billings is a veteran’s veteran! He is a man among men. It was men like Al that made flying in Hueys the heroic aviation adventure it was. His book “Seawolf 28” explodes with energy and action and much more. His personality certainly comes shinning through and shows him for whom he was.

Billings was awarded over 40 medals and citations including the Silver Star and The Distinguished Flying Cross. He was a member of the Navy’s most decorated helicopter attack squadron in the Vietnam War. I have met several members of the Seawolfs when filming the documentary film “In the Shadow of the Blade.” You could not find any better group of honorable men for sure. It is not surprising to read how well they did in combat. This book not only honors the role of the author but also adds to the almost myth like tales of those fine young men.

The book is well written and is a great read. I admit that the last chapters in the book were not the way I would have liked to see it end for the author, but Billings is true to himself all the way to the end and shows a lot of class. When you finish reading his book you will be left with many emotions about the war, the men, leadership in the military and what it means to stand up and be counted when someone has to be accountable and honest. Al Billings is a true leader in the real sense. I think most veterans will agree that he would be the guy that you would like to have had in the pilot’s seat on your flight!

This is a must read book and receives the MWSA’s HIGHEST RATING – FIVE STARS!

*The great book cover is by award winning Vietnam veteran artist Joe Kline.

(Joe Kline’s website: