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SHEEPDOGS!  Some say our southern borders are more dangerous than the war in Irag.

See the comments from the readers below:


Al Billings

"SHEEPDOGS", is a thriller developed from true events of gang and terrorist activities along our southern borders.
What if your 17 year old granddaughter had just graduated from high school and she was kidnapped?  You begged for help from the authorities and they gave nothing but excuses.  What would you do?  
Noted for tourism and a booming economy, the once prosperous and carefree border town welcomed visitors for cheap beer, loud music and good food.  Yet Nuevo Laredo today exists as a security nightmare, home of heartbreaking drug violence and lost lives.  "Silver or lead" is the new code in Mexico.  Pay up or die.
The killing began at a rate of about two a week, but the pace over the last decade has increased to about two per day.  Dozens, if not hundreds of people, have been kidnapped, many tortured or killed outright.  Bodies disappear into vats of acid or improvised incinerators.
Frustrated at every turn by the political posturing of bureaucrats, both in Washington D.C. and Mexico, Jerrod and his friends trace the hostages' location.  The hardened veteran drafts his wartime brothers to execute his plan, they must not only rescue the teens, but also minimize their own profiles.  The mission is not authorized by any government, and any mistake could result in prison or death.
Beaten and almost killed as he tries to find the girls, Jerrod has to decide if the mission is worth the lives of his friends.  They were once soldiers, young men with high ideals that were stripped raw by the horrors of war.  Will they be willing to risk everything again?
As the rescue unfolds, Jerrod discovers that government agents have been playing both sides, reaping substantial profits from the drug trade they supposedly battle.  Jerrod is unwilling pulled further into the nightmare.  Will he be able to expose the corrupt agents before it is too late? 

                                                     Comments from Readers


Just finished reading an excellent book by Al Billings.  Al is a retired Commander who flew in HAL3 and was in HC1 where I first met him in 1978.  To coin a phrase Al's book "Sheepdogs" is "ripped from today’s headlines". 

From the reunion of HAL3 troops to Kumshaw of Helicopter parts to the Texas Air National Guard you will be absorbed in this fine read.  Jerrod Hurst, the star of the show, is shot and beat up more than Rambo and still maintains his coolness.  

The story line is excellent and timely.  What with the Southwest Borders being in the news daily and drugs and kidnappings it just don’t get any better and Al has done an excellent job of portraying the closeness and camaraderie that aircrews have when placed in harm’s way.

The entire team involved has a higher moral code and are bonded by this code throughout the entire book.  Those of us that have been there understand and I gotta quote here..."If I gotta explain it to ya, ya won’t understand".  This is an excellent and very readable book which moves fast and if you were ever an Aircrewman you will be back in the seat with a big ass smile on your face because you have been there and done that.....   Buy this book you will not be sorry.

Red Dogg

I must say that this was an enjoyable read. There's a bunch of us old Vietnam vets that keep our skills in check because it's just not appropriate to use them most of the time. In "Gran Torino" Clint Eastwood tells those three street punks "Every once in a while you meet someone you shouldn't have f***** with." We think we still have it even though we don't have the speed or the strength to act. We wonder if, given the threat, can we still overcome adversity and persevere. Toby Keith has a song that goes "I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was."

Faced with death or injury to ourselves or our loved ones, are we willing to go all out and get into the warrior mode? I really don't know, but I train as often as possible the skills I have learned and retained as a soldier. I hope the day never comes, but I may be a sheepdog.

I give it "Five Stars".

Ron Van Dyck, LTC, FA, USAR, Retired


I have read a lot of books but this one was really good. Keeping all the past service memories alive and threading them into to a present day problem was really good.

Just a really good read.

Great job.

Phil sends.........


Your book is as awesome as anything I’ve read in the recent past.  You grip the reader from the start, bring in the memories of true bonds of brotherhood and then exploit the story line with pure sense of mission. All reminds me of the fond memories of my ‘childhood’ (growing up to serve in the dark world and later flying the missions others would not believe).  You have to wonder why a government such as ours fails to secure the borders, for wolves have found the path to the nest.  Keep your powder dry my friend – we might all need it someday.  Any idea where I can find Ms. Sanchez by chance? Love to meet her…


Finished Sheepdogs and it was great. Great story that kept me up late
to finish the last couple of chapters. Hate to put a good book down
when I get the time to read. You in effect wrote two "stories" in your
book that were well connected.When I first saw your title, I was
wondering how it "fit" your story. Great explanation on the role of the
Sheepdog and society. How appropriate-even more so today. Great way
to end it with the "potential" for follow-on books with this set of
characters. Again, keep writing.


SHEEPDOGS was awesome.  Don't take too long with the sequel.  I am aging by the minute.

Take care.


I just wanted to let you know I thought your book was wonderful, I couldn't put it down.  I gave the book to my son while on vacation, he really enjoyed your first book.

Please keep writing.  Sharon

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Sheepdogs.  My husband says you are becoming his favorite author.  Will there be another?